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How many pages does ColoringNotebook have?

The ColoringNotebook is a thread-bound, 176 page notebook. It includes more than 50 original coloring pages for adults.

Who are the authors of coloring pages?

The most incredible talented graphic artists from Australia, Canada, France, Italy, US, Ukraine and Japan created coloring pages for the ColoringNotebook project.

How do you choose which colors to use?

There is no wrong way to do it! Almost any color combination will look good. But if you need an exact answer to this question, there are several ways to tackle color choices:

  • Go with a rainbow spectrum. Who doesn’t love rainbows?
  • Go in blindfolded. Meaning: just pick up a color and go. Let the spirit of spontaneity take over.

What stationary should I use to color with?

Adult coloring pages are intricate and have tiny details. Recommended tool number #1 and go-to material for coloring are colorful pencils. But a lot of people prefer to use art markers.

My country is not listed in your order form. How can I order?

You can contact us and we'll check whether we can deliver to your country.

How can I order several notebooks with different kinds of paper?

You'll have to order them separately. Each time stating the type of paper that you'd like.


What is the ColoringNotebook?

The ColoringNotebook is a winning combo of a stylish paper notebook and a coloring book. It has a hardcover with a nice leather feeling, quality acid-free paper, smart dimensions and is flat opened. The notebook is exclusively designed for writings, thoughts and passing notes while providing hours of stress relief and mental relaxation with coloring pages.

How much does ColoringNotebok cost?

The regular retail price of the Notebook is $58.95.

How do I get my ColoringNotebook?

You can order a ColoringNotebook via our website.

What do I get when I order a ColoringNotebook?

Your ColoringNotebook copy and a user guide.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

What are the shipping costs?

Free shipping worldwide.

What is your policy on refunds?

If you decide to cancel your order before the ColoringNotebook is shipped, we will issue a full refund to you.

Product (Appearance)

Does the ColoringNotebook really fit in any handbag?

Yes. ColoringNotebook has smart dimentions 5.83 x 8.27 inches / 148 x 210 mm. The international standard: ISO 216 / A5 series.

Is the hardcover made of real leather / animal's skin?

No. ColoringNotebook cover is made from premium, hand-selected synthetic leather treated with high-quality aniline dye. Each cover looks and feels luxurious.

What paper do you use?

We use archival quality acid-free paper..

What paper types are available?

You can choose one of three paper types: Blank, Ruled or Dot Grid.

What is the weight of the ColoringNotebook?

Approximate weight is 11.9 ounces / 337 grams.

Does the ColoringNotebook only come in one color?

Yes, but in the future we plan to create special color series.

Does the ColoringNotebook come with any supplies for coloring?

No. You should have colored pencils or art markers.

Is the ColoringNotebook safe to use with kids?


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