The Second Edition of the ColoringNotebook is available for Pre-orders!  Learn more
The Second Edition of the ColoringNotebook is available for Pre-order!  Learn more


  • Status Update

    Hello all!

    We'd like to give you a status update and apologize for not doing so earlier.
    We haven't been able to hit our deadlines for the second edition of ColoringNotebook. Unfortunately, we had to change our printing partner twice, which caused some delays.
    Now we've cleared up all those issues, and the coloring notebooks will be printed shortly.
  • Shipping update for the second edition

    Hey Folks!

    We have an important announcement. A manufacturing problem has caused us to delay shipping the second edition of the Coloring Notebook.

    We weren't happy with the quality of our test print, so we decided to change our printing partner. We sat down as a team and decided that rather than sacrificing the quality of a product we love, we'll delay shipping but make the second edition as awesome as possible.

    Originally, we were planning to start shipping this summer. Now it's looking like it'll be sometime in the fall. We are working closely with our new potential printing partner and will keep you posted about the new release date!

    We apologize for the delay; however, we hope the improved quality will more than make up for it!

  • The ColoringNotebook you love. Second edition.

    Hey Folks! Happy to announce that the second edition of the ColoringNotebook is now available for preorder!

    You can place your pre-order here:

  • ​Mandala Coloring Pages

    Here is our first post in the series where we will give you more details about coloring pages in our ColoringNotebook.

    Let's start with 2 Mandala coloring pages. We don't show these pages in a preview on our website, although these are the most popular pages in our notebook.

  • Black Friday Sale

    Our Black Friday sale is on 25% off ColoringNotebook!

  • The ColoringNotebooks are now available on Amazon

    Hey Color Lovers,

    We've got a quick announcement to make: The ColoringNotebooks are now available on Amazon with a 2 days Prime delivery. Check out our author page:

  • Mother's Day Sale

    This Mother's Day, enjoy 25% off ColoringNotebook. May 5-8, Only $19.50.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Amazon shipping announcement

    Hey Coloring Gang,

    We have some great news for you today! We plan to start selling our ColoringNotebooks on Amazon by the end of April. You can get your copy in just 2 business days is you opt for Amazon Prime delivery in USA and Canada. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Shipping updates

    Hey color lovers! We'd like to share a quick update on the delivery.

    By now, we have dispatched more than 30% of all notebooks and are working extra hard to send out the remaining by the end of February.

  • We are now shipping!

    Yay! Today is the Big Day. The first batch of pre-order Notebooks is about to leave the building.

    It's been a long, yet exciting road for us – from one rough idea, to the first illustrations, prototypes and finally – the shinning, colorful product.

    Thus, we'd like to thank you for leaving a pre-order. Because of You – the product we loved and nurtured was born.
    We want to thank each and every one of you from over 50 countries, who believed and felt inspired by the Coloring Notebook idea. We wouldn't have done it without you!

  • First Step – The Idea

    With this post, we'd like to start telling the story of how our amazing coloring notebook was born.

    As you all know, it all usually starts with one tiny spark of an idea. If you don't mind, that's exactly what we gonna share with you today.

    Meet Nick – the guy who can't live without his favorite notebook. Nick also loves trying various coffee brews and a lot of other things, adult coloring books included.

  • Let’s Get Colorful!

    Hi everyone! With this post, the story of our Coloring-Notebook begins. The product that is soon to delight adult coloring books fans and quality notebook lovers!

    Today, we have launched our website and this blog, where we'll share how exactly the idea of the ColoringNotebook was born pretty soon. Stay tuned!

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